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     Since Medieval times, churches have used stained glass windows as a visual medium to communicate spiritual truths, to visually depict the Bible, and to help worshipers feel the grandeur and presence of God, celebrating His glory.

   St. John's is blessed with stained glass windows along the sides of the Nave, chancel windows above the altar, two small, beautiful windows in the Narthex, a large circular window above the doors from Nave to Narthex, and the magnificent large window in the Narthex, culminating a central motif of our Lutheran faith which is visible from the front of the church.


   The 10 large windows in the Nave were made by the Payne-Spiers Studio of Patterson, N.J. between 1951 and 1954. George Leslie Payne (1873-1979) and George Spiers (1904-1974) used Tiffany glass making techniques.  Our wonderful windows compare with perhaps a dozen churches in the U.S. with Payne-Spiers windows.

   The large Narthex window was installed with the 1972 building addition.


   Each window tells a unique and individual story.  Thanks to Katrina Austin's research and her written history and description of our windows, we're able to present those stories here. 

Click the window images below to learn more.


thumb Window 4 thumb Window 5 Window 3 Window 2 Window 1

              Narthex                            Nave North Side                                Chancel

           Window Narthex     SJLC 1EWindows Altar

               Circular window detail                               Nave South Side


              Narthex 2 window detail               thumb Window 6 thumb Window 7 thumb Window 8 thumb Window 9 thumb Window 10








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