Narthex Window

   It is fitting that the central motif of the narthex window is the resurrected Christ dressed in a colorful robe and holding a banner which symbolized his victory over death. He is standing on a globe representing the earth and symbolizing that he is Lord over all the earth.

   Immediately beneath Christ is Martin Luther holding an open Bible symbolizing the centrality of the Word in the Christian life and the ministry of the Church.

   There are fourteen figures of persons in the two side panels illustrating Luther’s preaching of the Christian vocation. Luther taught that every Christian has a vocation in life because God has called him to lay his whole life on the altar of dedication. God has given each person particular talents that he might serve others in Christ’s name. The left panel top to bottom has a teacher and pupil, a musician, a carpenter, male and female students, and a soldier. The right panel top to bottom has a physician, a business man, a mother and child, a nurse with an elderly man in a wheel chair, and a farmer.  Other forms of work are illustrated by the following symbols: spinning wheel, trowel and brick, dust pan and brush, and pick and shovel.

   In addition to the figure of Christ, there are also symbols representing God the Father (all Seeing Eye and hand extended downward) and the Holy Spirit (descending dove).

 Window Narthex

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